Really, significantly different. - All melt pumps are cubic! - But the most important differentiation is found in the detail.


eprotec is the only manufacturer with full nitriding depth on the teeth.

Our melt pumps always carry 2 different threads for thermocouples on both sides, and 2 pressure sensor threads in the pump housing in the flat part of the product channel.



The gear pump for all applications in extrusion, compounding and hard recycling use.


This gear pump design incorporates all the features of the melt-X to give you a rugged, low-wear extrusion at head pressures up to 700bar.

melt-X S

When thermally sensitive polymers are processed or for frequent color changes.

melt-X H

For high pressure demand, up to 700bar

melt-X R

For Recycling- and Compounding in the most severe extrusion.