eprotec is the only manufacturer with full nitriding depth on the teeth.

Thus, improved wear resistance. You profit from a much longer service life.


The true reliability of our melt pump melt-X for gear pump assisted extrusion shows under extreme conditions. Our melt-X melt pumps have flow-optimised inlets and outlets and make a broader range of applications possible.

The flow channels, slide bearings and gear teeth are carefully matched to ensure the melt is pumped in a gentle manner. Residence times are minimised. Our pumps are therefore ideal for processing thermo-sensitive, transparent and easily degradable polymers.


You can apply melt-X for the following applications:

  • film and thermoforming sheet

  • thick sheet, board

  • compounding

  • profile, pipe and hose

  • hot melt adhesive

  • you name it

Improved lubrication channels and tooth geometries are good for low shear stress in the melt and result in a small temperature rise. These developments allow the melt-X to pump melts with filler contents in excess of 80%. A prerequisite for this is, amongst other things, that the gear teeth and the slide bearings are perfectly matched.

Smaller and flow-optimised product channels increase the flow velocity. The perfectly matched components of the melt-X are the reason for its excellent self-cleaning.

eprotec gear pumps always carry 2 different threads for thermocouples on both sides of the melt pump, as well as 2 pressure sensor threads in the pump housing in the flat part of the product channel.

Key data

for application, size and max. throughput in kg/

Table: application, size and max. throughput in kg/h

Table: application, size and max. throughput in kg/h