up to 80% BaSO4 +LDPE


The customer was in search of a melt pump specialist for his high wear investment project. The compound leaving the melt pump looks and behaves like cement.

eprotec is in charge of the melt pump wear protection in applying coatings to the critical components.

35 – 50% glass fiber

(BE , CAN)

These applications started years ago with competitor gear pump. At this time high wear was severely reducing the service life down to only ~4’000 - 6’000 hours. The difficulty for this pump was to maintain the lubrication even with fibers against high pressure, and minimizing wear.

Hence, eprotec was asked to install more wear protected spare parts. By today all pumps are replaced by the eprotec melt-X melt pumps.

6,2t/h PVC (LVT) +50-70% limestone


First there was the 1.2t/h test. The economical scale investment made the capacity to go up to 4.2t/h.
Since the beginning the parts were protected against wear. The complete compounding line was then debottlenecked up to 6.2t/h. Additionally the customer added up to 9% glass fibre from recycled PVC.

The eprotec melt-X 80 melt pump is the one with the least wear in the whole process line.

first in high speed extrusion

(DE today in AUT)

Early in the history of eprotec, we developed the melt-X melt pump for PP and PS high speed extrusion application for a German OEM R&D department. All inner parts of the melt pump, like shafts and slide bearings, were redesigned to reduce as much shear and therefore temperature.

By observing the high-speed field applications, we proved that there is almost no difference in temperature and wear behaviour compared to a standard speed application. Since 2015 eprotec is the main supplier of another OEM with the same high-speed application.

recycling post consumer, double service life


In recycling, the difficulty for gear pumps is, despite the elimination of many impurities in the pre-filter, that the lubrication is still maintained against high pressure, including minimizing wear. For eprotec many applications started with spare parts replacements for competitor pumps.

eprotec service life is twice as long compared to others. Today most recyclers use eprotec melt pumps melt-X, or our gear pump spare parts.

fastest 10min color change black-white


Gear pumps are always perceived, as spoiling the change over to other polymers or colors. Therefore every single spot and space in our melt pumps were optimized during the development.

Black-white color change tests with an Italian pipe manufacturer showed impressive result of 10 minutes at only 30% line capacity.