melt-X S

This melt pump has all the features of melt-X in it. The melt pump for applications in extrusion and compounding.
The solution for very sensitive polymers or for very fast and frequent color and product changes. 

You can apply melt-X S for instance the following applications:

  • WPC wood powder composite

  • PVC soft to medium grades

  • X-LDPE

  • all grades of TPE , EPDM, SBR

  • some polycarbonate type

  • you name it

The melt-X S will be your choice when it comes to very delicate and sensitive polymers in terms of temperature, shear or residual time. For example in some automotive applications, where many different colors or products have to be manufactured in small lot sizes. Special for the melt-X S is the conciously chosen drainage of the lubrication film to atmosphere. The volume of drain is adjustable, thus enriching flexibility to your advantage.

For frequent colour changes, you can use the eprotec drainage valve, which has proven itself many times since introduction: a minimal slide bearing film is drained to the outside.