In addition to the performance of the extrusion pump, personal contact and after-sales support are of enormous importance to us. Fast and competent advice and answers as well as a prompt delivery of spare parts, also for competitor pumps, ensure high availability of your production line.


Revision, Overhaul

You can carry out most of a revision work on the extrusion pump yourself.
If desired, our specialists can accompany you or we will revise your gear pump with our team at the factory.

With the inspection of your melt pump - including competitor gear pumps - optical and substantial dimensional deviations are discussed with you for an optimal revision, in order to be able to meet the requirements in the future pump application.
  - This means more than just an exchange of wear parts -

Your advantage is high plant availability and the avoidance of lost production. For you, this pays off in productivity.


Engineering, the art of combining the important technical disciplines.

With knowledge and experience in plastics processing, measuring and controlling, mechanical engineering and manufacturing know-how, with a broad knowledge network of specialized, and committed subcontractors and service providers, we reach efficient solutions through attentive listening to our customers.

In the process, every step must be mastered in order to develop and implement tailor-made solutions - beyond the commissioning phase.

Extension of the service life

Different combinations of high - tech materials are used for the modular designed melt-X in order to fulfil the specific task. Special coatings, also for the whole of the pump, offer special protection against abrasion or corrosion. Slide bearings with good emergency-running properties and long life are not a contradiction in terms as eprotec has impressively proven.

PLC Control

eprotec offers you support in design and development to control the extrusion melt pump and advise you in the choice of hardware and software.